Why Office Workers Need Massage Therapy

Why Office Workers Need Massage Therapy

Office workers need massage therapy due to the repetitive nature of their jobs. Sitting, typing, and talking on the phone can all contribute to sore, stiff muscles and headaches. Sound familiar?

Do you have a point somewhere in the middle of your back, maybe slightly to the right or left, that is rock hard?

Is your neck stiff? Do you get tension headaches? Is your jobs stressful at times?

All these things add up to needing a really good massage.

Sure, you probably stretch here and there. Get up once in awhile for a quick break–but this just isn’t taking care of the soreness.

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5 Reasons Office Workers Need Massage Therapy

The way your neck and shoulders feel right now is probably enough of a reason to convince you that you could benefit from a massage. Just in case you need some more reasons, the following list explains medically how you will benefit from massage therapy.

1. Poor Posture

How often do you think about how you are sitting at your desk? Probably not enough. People who work at a deck tend to:office workers need massage therapy

  • Slouch
  • Tuck a leg underneath them
  • Tilt to one side
  • Use a desk and/or chair that is either too high or too low

Does this sound like you? How are you sitting right now?

Office workers need massage therapy to correct poor posture.

2. Stress

Very few people have zero stress at their jobs. Office jobs tend to involve more than the average amount of stress–emotionally and physically. Emotional stress can also cause you to feel stiff and sore. Massage therapy combats both types of stress by offering a relaxing and soothing environment for your nerves while physically working out the knots and stress your body is holding.

Office workers need massage therapy to manage stress.

office workers need massage therapy

3. Limited Mobilityoffice workers need massage therapy

Our bodies were not meant to do any one thing for long period of time–including sitting. Desk work does not allow for a very big range in your daily movement. Typing is extremely repetitive.

The combination of limited range and repetition wreaks havoc on the muscles and joints. It makes you tense up.

Office workers need massage therapy to get their muscles and joints moving more freely.

4. Productivity

When you feel well you are able to get more work done. You will be much more efficient, have a better attitude, and enjoy your work more. This is a great case for suggesting that your boss or manager look into having a massage therapist come to the office on a regular basis to provide chair massage to the staff. Show him or her this article.

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5. Preventing Pain

Taking steps now to treat your current back pain and stress will make it easier to prevent further pain in the future. Once your current issues are addressed, continuing regular massage is a maintenance program for your well-being.

office workers need massage therarpy

Need more convincing?

Can’t you just feel your muscles relaxing, your breath deepening, and a calm setting over your mind?

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