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To be our most effective we must recharge; we must take care of ourselves and our well-being. So take time for yourself to relax, renew & rejuvenate. Come in today!

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Download the full article! "5 Reasons Your Body Needs Massage"

Reason #1: Stress Relief

Therapeutic massage helps restore balance by triggering the “relaxation response” your body needs. Massage can also relieve many mental and physical problems and issues caused be prolonged stress.

Relaxation Response

The Relaxation Response is the opposite of stress response. It returns your body to normal functionality. The endocrine & autonomic nervous systems activate changes in the body. These changes result in “signs of relief”.

Signs of Relief

Signs of relief include a slower heart rate allowing for deeper breathing, relaxed muscles, and improved circulation and digestion. Certain massage techniques, such us long smooth effleurage movements, are known to trigger these benefits.

Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress often leads to chronic muscular tension, trigger points and poor circulation. These issues respond well to massage and allow the body to function at a higher level. Swedish massage, deep tissue, and trigger points are all especially beneficial. These techniques promote physical relief.

Massage can also help with mental relief and daily stresses. Having a massage can be like taking a vacation from the challenges that life often bring to us. During massage you give yourself permission to create peace and tranquility. Studies have confirmed massage reduces anxiety levels and increases feelings of well-being.


Finally, let’s not forget the pleasure and sense of homeostasis during and after the massage. The benefits of therapeutic touch have been highly praised in studies from pre-mature babies to aging adults. Therapeutic massage contributes to healthy immune system functioning and well-being.