Fertility & Pre-Natal Massage

Prenatal or Postpartum Massage

Take a break and cater to yourself with a wonderfully satisfying therapeutic massage. Special care and professional focus is given to safely address the specific needs of a mother’s body. Enjoy face-down massage on a specially-designed table that caters to you. Postpartum treatments include heat-therapy to encourage bellies to return to pre-pregnancy size.

30 Minutes  $45.00,  45 Minutes  $60.00,  60 Minutes  $75.00, 90 Minutes  $95.00
(If the client purchases a package and gets pregnant before the package is used up, package converts to a pre-natal massage package)

Fertility Massage

Non-invasive, and designed to optimally prepare your body to be receptive to conception. Take-home techniques are demonstrated for you or your partner to continue catering to your therapeutic needs at home.

1st Session: Consult, Massage, and Class
90 minutes  $150.00
Subsequent Sessions: Massage, detox and de-stressing
75 minutes  $80.00

color6388_edit_jeansAdd-On Services

Heat Therapy                                                       $15.00
Target Hot-Stones                                              $15.00
Hand Softening Treatment w/paraffin               $20.00
Feet Softening Treatment w/paraffin                $20.00
Hand & Feet Treatment w/paraffin                    $35.00
Target Cold Stones                                             $20.00
Target Cupping                                                   $20.00
Contrast Therapy                                                $25.00

Bundle & Save

Bundle any single massage service and receive the following discounts on full package prices when you pre-pay:

3 Sessions:  5% Off
5 Sessions:  10% Off
10 Sessions:  15% Off

Doula Services

Doula Birth Package $750.00
Includes 1 each Pre-natal & Postpartum Massage
Includes a Baby & Infant Massage Class

Doula Post-partum Package: $400.00
Includes 10 at home visits to help mom & family

Post-Partum by the hour: $55.00

Doula Massage Package: $550.00
Includes 10 pre-natal or post-partum massages
Baby & Infant Massage Class

Doula Add-On Packages

Pre-natal Massage w/ Doula Package                     $45.00
Postpartum Massage w/ Doula Package                 $45.00
Pre-natal Massages (Eight 60 minute massages) $500.00
Postpartum Massages (Eight 60 minute massages) $500.00
Each Additional Massage w/ Package                      $40.00


Event Club                                               $50/$75 get a $5.00 discount each time
Stress Less Club                                     $100/$150 get $10.00 off each time
Kneads Club                                            $250/$325 get $15.00 off each time

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