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Therapeutic Massage

All Body Kneads therapeutic full-body massage caters to your wants and needs with specialized focus on problem areas, tension, stress-relief, and relaxation. Deepen benefits with add-ons such as hot stones, aromatherapy, paraffin wax and more.

Full-Body: Head, face, neck, back, arms, hands, thighs, legs, feet
Extended options: glutes, stomach, and for men: chest.

30 Minutes  $45.00,  60 Minutes  $75.00,  90 Minutes  $100.00,  120 Minutes  $155.00

Couples Massage

Enjoy the benefits of therapeutic massage together with a friend, family member, or significant other! Set the mood with your choice of aromatherapy.

60 Minutes  $190.00,  90 Minutes  $210.00

Chair Massage

Customize your experience for the relaxing or energizing effects of a brief but brilliant chair massage (clothes on.)*

Focus areas: shoulders, back, neck, scalp, other.
On location: includes vibration therapy.

10 Minutes  $15.00,  15 Minutes  $25.00,  20 Minutes  $30.00, *off site* 60 Minutes  $80.00,  Travel Fee  $20.00

*Vibration therapy included at All Body Kneads

Just Hands or Just Feet

Treat your often over-looked and over-worked extremities with sensitivity and therapeutic relief. Begin with a paraffin dip to offer luxurious warmth and moisture then relax while stress and aches are massaged away.

20 Minutes  $30.00,  40 Minutes  $50.00,  60 Minutes  $75.00

Sports Massage

Treat your body to a variety of massage techniques designed to make you feel stronger and freer. Athletic and performance injuries are well-served with this intense massage that caters to the special needs of athletes.

60 Minutes  $85.00,  90 Minutes  $110.00

Skinny Massage

Start with an Infrared Sauna Session, followed by vibration and full body massage, including special attention to cellulite problem areas in order to improve circulation and metabolic efficiency.

With Infrared Sauna Session: 120 Minutes  $125.00
Without Infrared Sauna Session: 60 Minutes  $85.00

Hot-Stone Massage

Heated river rocks melt away tension, ease stiff muscles, and increase metabolism and circulation. Firm yet smooth application provides a unique experience unachievable by hands alone.

60 Minutes  $90.00,  90 Minutes  $110.00

Just Feet

Enhance your well-being with attention to specialized pressure points in your hands and/or feet to correct energy flow and relieve pain and stress.

30 Minutes  $45.00,  60 Minutes  $75.00

Bamboo Fusion Massage

Warmed bamboo to perform a deep-tissue massage.

60 Minutes  $85.00, 90 Minutes $105.00

Thai Poultice Massage

About: Herbal Poultice is a medicinal muscle treatment that dates back to 14th Century Thailand (Ayutthaya) when a hot pack was administered to war-soldiers returning from battle. It remains an integral part of Thai Medicine today.

Benefits: Your body absorbs heated organic herbs and reduces aches & pains, stimulates circulation, increases lymphatic drainage, detoxes, and conditions your skin.

60 Minutes  $85.00, 90 Minutes $105.00

Additional Massage Options:

Options include family, couples, and baby’s first massage. With couples massage, friends, family members, or significant others can receive massages side by side, each with their own massage therapist.

Couples MassageBaby’s First Massage

90 Minutes  $100.00 Travel $20.00

Family Massage Class

120 Minutes  $125.00 Travel Fee  $20.00

Couples Massage Class

180 Minutes  $200.00 Private  $250.00

Add-On Services

•  Aromatherapy: Using a heat pack to help relax muscles. $15.00
•  Cupping: Cupping will help with circulation and myofascial release. With Massage $25.00  Without Massage $35.00
•  Heat Therapy: Using a heat pack to help relax muscles. $15.00
•  Paraffin: Paraffin dip to soften, moisturize and help with pain. With Massage  $25.00 Without Massage  $35.00
•  Target Hot Stones: Target specific areas/muscles of concerns with hot stones. With Massage  $15.00 Without Massage  $20.00
•  Target Cold Stones: Target specific areas/muscles of concerns with cold stones. With Massage  $15.00 Without Massage  $20.00
•  Contrast Therapy: Help with pain and swelling with hot and cold stones. $25.00, Without Massage $35.00
•  Vibration Therapy: Used to stimulate and help with circulation and pain. With Massage  $15.00 Without Massage  $20.00

Whatever massage protocol you choose, remember: to be your most effective, you must recharge and must take care of ourselves, and our own well-being.