How To Get The Best Massage

How To Get The Best Massage

Whether you are getting your very first massage or have had them before, these tips will help to enhance your session, feel better after, and generally help you make the most out of the experience and get the best massage possible.

Many people ask us what to expect during a couple’s massage, please read How Does a Couples Massage Work? for more information.

Set a Goal

 It’s important to identify what you want to get out of your massage. Are you looking for stress relief? To relax? To help with your headaches? To help with chronic pain? Let your massage therapist know that you want a custom experience. They will take into account any limitations or restrictions you have, like an injury from doing too much yard work over the weekend. They’ll craft your massage based on what will best suit your needs and goals.

Experience Matters

Being paired with the right massage therapist is crucial. When you make your appointment, you will speak with someone regarding pressure levels and experience. Every massage therapist has different types of experience and areas of focus. When you book your appointment, let them know what type of pressure you like (light vs. heavy) so they can pair you with a massage therapist that has a similar pressure level. If you have a massage therapist with a heavy pressure level, they can always lighten up to make sure you are comfortable.

Good Communication

 Before, during, and after your massage, communication is key. Let your therapist know before your session how you’re feeling, your medical history, and what you expect from the session. This will help her or him keep your session focused on your specific goals. During your massage, your massage therapist will check in to make sure the pressure level is what you like. Make sure you speak up if it’s too heavy or if you are uncomfortable. After your massage, your massage therapist will recommend a time to come back and also suggest any after-care tips you may find helpful.

Arrive Early

To ensure that you are 100% prepared for your massage session, it is important to arrive 15 minutes early. This will give you time to prepare yourself and take care of any last-minute paperwork and instructions for your massage therapist.

Turn off Your Phone

Getting a massage is one of the few places where you can, and are encouraged, to leave distractions aside. Clear your mind by leaving your phone and electronic devices in your car or at home so you can literally unplug during your session. Be sure to let anyone who communicates with you regularly (kids, spouse, parent) that you will be unavailable during your appointment.

Remember to Breathe

Relaxing long breaths from your abdomen doesn’t just help you relax mentally during your session, but it also helps your muscles relax as your therapist works out your body’s stiffness and tightness. If you aren’t used to relaxing or are particularly stressed, you may find yourself holding your breath or find you are breathing irregularly. However, it’s important to make sure you focus on this for the best experience.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

We are committed to making sure that every single one of our clients feels pampered and comfortable. Our goal is for you not only to have an amazing massage but also to be surprised by how much it helps relieve your aches! Do you prefer a heated table? Dim lights? A particular kind of music? A certain scented (or non-scented) massage oil? Everything about your massage should be focused on making you feel good and comfortable. Don’t forget to speak up if you are ever uncomfortable.

Consider Your Time After Your Massage

Schedule extra time after your massage to relax your body and your mind before you head back into the busyness of everyday life. Many people like to schedule their massage later in the day so they don’t have to go back to work or other commitments. Massage is a great way to promote quality sleep, so you may feel tired afterward.

Consider Massage Add-Ons

A massage is a therapeutic way to increase your health and reduce stress. Add an enhancement to your massage, such as hot stones, paraffin, aromatherapy, a sauna session, cupping, and more. Be sure to check out All Body Kneads monthly add-on specials.

Our add-on services include:

Add-On Services

•  Aromatherapy: Using a heat pack to help relax muscles. $15.00
•  Cupping: Cupping will help with circulation and myofascial release. With Massage $25.00  Without Massage $35.00
•  Heat Therapy: Using a heat pack to help relax muscles. $15.00
•  Paraffin: Paraffin dip to soften, moisturize and help with pain. With Massage  $25.00 Without Massage  $35.00
•  Target Hot Stones: Target specific areas/muscles of concern with hot stones. With Massage  $15.00 Without Massage  $20.00
•  Target Cold Stones: Target specific areas/muscles of concern with cold stones. With Massage  $15.00 Without Massage  $20.00
•  Contrast Therapy: Help with pain and swelling with hot and cold stones. $25.00, Without Massage $35.00
•  Vibration Therapy: Used to stimulate and help with circulation and pain. With Massage  $15.00 Without Massage  $20.00