Massage for Landscaping and Grounds Keeping Workers

Massage for Landscaping and Grounds Keeping Workers

Do you work in Landscaping or Grounds Keeping? Spring has finally sprung in Michigan and the sounds of buzzing lawn equipment can be heard all day long. The brigades of landscaping trucks are out roaming around and men and women are working hard to get our lawns and yards in shape. We have such a small window of seasonal opportunity here in the Midwest and landscapers and lawn maintenance workers work extra hard.

So do their backs, arms, and legs. If you’ve even done even one hour of yard work you can relate. Oh, the next day we pay for it don’t we? In fact, there are a lot of common injuries related to grounds keeping.

Most Common Landscaping Injuries

Muscle Soreness and Overexertion

The majority of minor (non-fatal) injuries among landscape workers are caused by overexertion. Excess stress on the body like lifting, digging, twisting, turning and carrying are all actions that landscape workers do frequently. These actions, if done incorrectly or just too repetitively, can cause injuries. Unfortunately, these types of injuries can cause a lot of pain. Ouch!

Regular massage therapy can help quite a bit with this type of pain. You are also more likely to have an accident, trip, or fall when you are tired or fatigued. Massage can help you avoid that as well. This goes for weekend warriors and home owners who try to tackle too much yard work at once.

For the people who work day in and day out in the landscaping business, regular massage can go a long way to counter-balancing the work you are putting your body through.

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Equipment Related Injuries

Grounds Keepers work with a lot of different types of equipment and tools. They have to know how to safely operate all of them. Even with proper training, accidents can happen. Tractors or mowers can roll over onto workers. Car accidents happen. Mowers, hedgers, trimmers, chainsaws–they all have the potential for causing great harm.

Injury By Nature

It sounds weird, but it is a thing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that about 60 percent of contact-related landscape worker deaths result from workers being hit by falling objects such as logs, trees or branches. Yell TIMBER and get out of the way!

Exposure to the Elements or Harmful Substances

Landscapers can come in contact with harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Also, being electrocuted is common when workers are digging or working with machinery and tools or when workers come into contact with overhead power lines. You also run the risk of overexposure to the sun and suffering from heatstroke.

Massage can’t prevent serious work-related injuries. However, if you or a co-worker undergo surgery for a landscaping accident (or any kind of surgery), often times massage can help with the post-operative recovery. Massage can reduce post surgery adhesions and swelling. It also releases endorphins—amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller.

Say Thank You to the People Who Keep Your Yard Looking Great!

Landscapers work hard so we don’t have to. Sure, you pay them for their work, but a really nice gesture would be to get him or her a gift certificate for a massage. You can be sure they will greatly appreciate it. Especially if they don’t think to do this for themselves. If they feel good they will be able to keep your yard looking good too!

Are you going to be working in your yard this weekend? Why not book a massage appointment for Monday? Trust us, you will be so glad you did!

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