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Massage Therapy & Spa Services

First time clients receive a free add-on service. Breast cancer survivors get 25% off
and a free add-on service. Caregivers of
cancer patients get a free add-on service
plus 10% off first visit.
Also specializing in Prenatal, Postpartum, and Fertility Therapy

Massage began over 2000 years ago.  It has origins in Indian, Japanese, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Greek cultures, among others. The health-related benefits of massage today continue to be verified by numerous scientific studies.

Whether you’re seeking general relaxation and to “de-stress,” relief from tension headaches/migraine headaches, general pain relief or injury treatment, All Body Kneads in Lansing, MI can help — through services such as facials, massage therapy, & reflexology.  Massage has also been shown to be effective in improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing the immune system.

To be our most effective we must recharge; we must take care of ourselves and our well-being. So take time for yourself to relax, renew & rejuvenate. Come in today!

“5 Reasons Your Body Needs Massage”

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